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Militant Political Music with a Message


This is a very dark and close track to my heart... I originally wrote the guitar part the day that I came home after work, only to find my beloved side kick and little buddy, Pantera named after of course the band... Was hit by an ignorant driver talking on the phone... My dog had broken her leash and was running around... So this message of this song, don't text and drive, or drive distracted... And then it got the Political Heresy treatment with the speech at the end.. I think this track is by far the darkest brooding song of the album... If you like Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative, or any other majoring in the minors tortured artist band that mixed electronica and rock, you will love this track.Listen to is streaming for Free Here!
Ooh- Pain.
Why- did she die?
How could you let this happen?
Oh God WHY?!-

Dying as I try
Darkness as All Falls Down...
Can't explain the reasons why-
Blame leads to more Pain-

As hard as it seems-
Acceptance is the only release.
Not hate- and none left to blame,
Because it's done-
and Today Darkness won!
As I lay thee down...
To final sleep
I've learned my lessons
Close to heart I'll always keep

Am I the only one with open eyes?
Now I know hate only brings more pain

Dying as I try
Darkness as All Falls Down
Can't explain the reasons why-
Blame leads to more Pain--
Oh, God Why?
Tell me God WHY?!

Fear. Death. No. More.

(guitar solo)

"1. Greatly expanded government spending for every conceivable means of getting rid of ever larger sums of American money as wastefully as possible.

2. Higher and then much higher taxes.

3. An increasingly unbalanced budget despite the higher taxes.

4. Wild inflation of our currency.

5. Government controls of prices, wages and materials supposedly to combat inflation.

"6. Greatly increased socialistic controls over every operation of our economy and every activity of our daily lives. This is to be accompanied naturally and automatically by a correspondently huge increase in the size of our bureaucracy and the cost and reach of our domestic government."


"7. Far more centralization of power in Washington and the practical elimination of our state lines. There is a many faceted drive at work to have our state lines to mean no more within our nation as our county lines do now within the states."

"8. The steady advance of federal aid to and control over our educational system leading to complete federalization of our public education."


"9. A constant hammering into the American consciousness of the horror of modern warfare. The beauties and the absolute necessities of peach, peace always on communist terms of course."

Terror. Terror. Terror. Terror

"10. The constant willingness of the American people to allow the steps of appeasement by our government that amount to a piece meal surrender of the rest of the free world and the United States itself."

Symbolism they hide in plain sight
(Fear. Death. No. More.)
Pull harder, here comes another Martyr-

Money and corruption
Have ruined the land
Nothing but crooked politicians
betraying the working man
pocketing the profits
and treating us like sheep
we're tired of all the lies
we know they'll never keep

TELL ME GOD WHY-(Oh god why?!)

from i Am DEBUT FULL ALBUM, track released 26 February 2011
Dez Futurez is Political Heresy





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