Warning: The following words are dangerous to the unopened mind.


Militant Political Music with a Message


Only in America,
Once I woke up, I never wanted again to sleep
Only in this Corporate Oligarchy
Would we elect CEOs and Presidents of the biggest companies
To puppeteer that your vote counts-
Yeah America… Keep on believing.. You run this land.

They're poisoning us baby, Yeah they're killing off you and me

Only in America, Slight of hand
Can you get your cancer by the pack; in the can,
And you'll expect that food the second you order it,
Death, wrapped in corporate love, that sandwich in your hand.
Pull around to the next window please

They're killing us man, Yeah they don't want or need you or me

Only in America,
Would we parade these Doctors
Lying Drug pushers with a degree,
A surgeon taught me my lesson, unneeded surgery
The slut Food industry had an affair with drunk daddy Big Pharma
And you and I are the wife that gets beat
Pharmacoepiatic, Fear, Hate and Division, What else is there to see?

They've confused, controlled, and tricked us baby, oh so Complacently

Only in America,
Would we pay unconstitutional taxes
Would we fight war to attain peace
Would we invest, train, and oversee
Dictators that rape their enslaved countries
Where every dollar bill, backed by lie,
It's not Federal, There's no Reserve, and it's not a bank
In debt up to your eyes America? Yeah, the Nightmare of the American Dream.

Complacently believing you're really free,
Only in America could they kill a man that said I have a dream,
Or that would set the slaves free…
Only here, could they assassinate our own president because of a speech at the Waldorf-Astoria.
It's time you wake up, the coffee is getting cold, and the poisoned food has grown mold
The Fourth Reich runs the FDA, the Fed, and with malice they legislate.
The elite rich from the bible days still run the world today.
But wait… Then one day I woke up, and I could see…
The only hope now lays within you and me.
A toast to a new generation of art that is Political Heresy.

Yeah that's right… I guess It's up to you and me to wake the masses up from the Nightmare of the American Dream



Dez Futurez is Political Heresy. 'The Nightmare of the American Dream' Written May 25th, 2011, Released and First Performed May 27th, 2011





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